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We believe that everyone should able to access the same tools and resources that bigger companies have. In today’s market, things are changing and it is crucial for small-medium sized companies to operate like bigger companies. Employees are looking for the best benefits and support to help themselves grow within a company. If you do not provide better benefits, employee satisfaction will go down and so will performance.

In order to run like a bigger company, you will need proper human resources and benefits. Most business owners take it upon themselves to manage tasks like payroll, employees performance and helping with tedious tasks that employees need in order to work and grow within your business. With the ability to outsource these tasks at a reasonable price, most business will perform better in the long run. 

When you sign up for our services we will provide a suite of tools that can be used from one place whether you are on a desktop or mobile device. You will also be provided a special agent or team that can answer questions for you and your employees so that you can save time from doing it yourself.  We offer full HR services that are tailored to your business which include HR expertise, Payroll + HR processes, Access to Benefits, and Risk Mitigation using the best of today’s technology. 

All The Services Provided

HR Expertise

Dedicated HR team provides easy to follow guidance and support through everyday business operations. We know how important it is to make sure your HR team is specialized to help you and your employees for questions that are unique to your industry. 

We also give support for the best practice guidance to help protect you and your employees though sensitive matters.

Payroll + HR Processes

Our payrolls services allow you to perform payroll processing with debiting and direct deposit methods.  With paperless options, you can offer electronic pay stubs and electronic W-2 preparation and delivery.

This self-service platform allows your employees to view previous paystubs and easily import documents to TurboTax®. You and employees will also be able to easily manage paid/unpaid time off.

Access To Benefits

Offering employee benefits is becoming a must in today’s economy. Having access to the top benefit plans is no longer reserved to only the larger companies.  Not only do we offer enterprise-level medical, vision, and dental insurances we also offer benefits for retirement, commuter, accident, and illnesses.

Business owners and employees can also get access to a marketplace of additional discounts provided by other companies. 

Risk Mitigation

Being compliant and following employment rules should be operated by an HR team. With many different practices and procedures that can change overnight, it is important to stay up to date with compliance and workplace safety. 

We also assist with payroll taxes to make sure that your paperwork is correct at the state and federal level when filing. 

All Of These Features Are Included While Being Reasonably Priced Based Off What Your Business Needs. Only Pay For What You Need To Grow Your Business.

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